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Fantastic Shoot today for Nutritionist, Shakela Shan

Shakela contacted me to take some photos for her website. She is a nutritionist based in Roundhey, Leeds, and wanted some photos of her cooking and preparing food to liven up her site and give it a personal identity. I even got a second breakfast and a vegetable and fruit juice out of the shoot and went home feeling very healthy!

You can see more about her and what she does on her website nutrishan.co.uk

H.Webster-4623 H.Webster-4631

H.Webster-4759 H.Webster-4782 H.Webster-4790 H.Webster-4803 H.Webster-4835 H.Webster-4848 H.Webster-4895 H.Webster-4939 H.Webster-4971 H.Webster-5011 H.Webster-5032 H.Webster-5076 H.Webster-5132 H.Webster-5182

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Jewellery photography for Corrinne Eira Evans

I have had a fabulous couple of days working with Corrinne’s gorgeous jewellery. It has been a pleasure to photograph and I have my eye on a few of these pieces for my birthday this year!

Jewellery-photographer-leeds--2 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--3 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--4 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--5 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--6 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--7 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--8 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--9 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--10 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--11 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--12 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--13 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--14 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--15 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--16 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--17 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--18 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--19 Jewellery-photographer-leeds--20 Jewellery-photographer-leeds-

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Marketing and portrait photography at The Hepworth Wakefield

The Hepworth Wakefield needed some shots of people looking at the artworks so that they could lay text over the images for adverts and campaigns. My brief was to leave blank or low contrast spaces in the images where logos and text could be placed. I will post shots of the finished adds soon.

The Hepworth Wakefield-0144 The Hepworth Wakefield-0218 The Hepworth Wakefield-0285 The Hepworth Wakefield-0410 The Hepworth Wakefield-0498 The Hepworth Wakefield-0517 The Hepworth Wakefield-0528 The Hepworth Wakefield-0569 The Hepworth Wakefield-0593

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2014 In pictures – A flavour of my drink photography in Leeds

As well as food photography, I have also done a lot of drink photography in Leeds and Yorkshire too.

Dirnk Photography-9279 Dirnk Photography-9340 Dirnk Photography-9349 Dirnk Photography-9474 Dirnk Photography-9560 Dirnk Photography-9575 Dirnk Photography-9742 Dirnk Photography-9746 drink Photography--2 drink Photography--3 drink Photography--4 drink Photography--5 drink Photography--6 drink Photography- drink Photography-7694 drink Photography-7710 drink Photography-7720 drink Photography-7736 drink Photography-7834 drink Photography-7849 drink Photography-7874 drink Photography-9553 drink Photography-9612 drink Photography-9861 drink Photography-9989

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2014 In pictures – A flavour of my food photography in Leeds

I have sampled alot of fantastic meals this year while working on food photography shoots in Leeds. There are many to choose from but here are just a few.

food Photography-3154 food Photography-3189 food Photography-3228 food Photography-3237 food Photography-3365 food Photography-3372 food Photography-5155 food Photography-5165 food Photography-5182 food Photography-5246 Food Photography-5280 Food Photography-5456 Food Photography-5469 Food Photography-5587 food Photography-5595 food Photography-5604 food Photography-5628 Food Photography-5687 food Photography-5905 food Photography-5911 food Photography-5923 food Photography-5948 food Photography-5960

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2014 In pictures – A flavour of my marketing photography in Leeds

Marketing or advertising photography is for anyone wanting to get their message across to their customers, showing services they provide, products in use or publicity images. Alot of my other genres of photography fall in to this category too, but here are some more specific to marketing/advertising photography.

marketing Photography-0798 marketing Photography-0871 marketing Photography-0894

marketing Photography-1098marketing Photography-1109marketing Photography-1135 marketing Photography-0940 marketing Photography-1017 marketing Photography-1024 marketing Photography-1034 marketing Photography-1058
marketing Photography-1099
marketing Photography-1118
marketing Photography-2957 marketing Photography-2994 marketing Photography-3033 marketing Photography-3094 marketing Photography-3156




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A tidy desk for 2015!



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2014 In pictures – A flavour of my jewellery photography in Leeds

Jewellery photography can vary a lot in style, and I love working with you to create the exact look you are going for. Weather it is simplistic and clean like these studio style photos of Natalie Jane Harris’ work, or the more natural setup with props as seen below in my shoot for Sarah Lawrence.

jewellery Photography--2 jewellery Photography--3 jewellery Photography--4 jewellery Photography--5 jewellery Photography--6 jewellery Photography--7 jewellery Photography--8 jewellery Photography- jewellery Photography-1934 jewellery Photography-1965 jewellery Photography-1998 jewellery Photography-2034 jewellery Photography-4095 jewellery Photography-6249 jewellery Photography-6910 jewellery Photography-38618

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2014 In pictures – A flavour of my product photography in Leeds

I photographed the weird and the wonderful last year, there is no project too big or small for my product photography. I worked with many clients who only have a single item to sell, but have also worked with a jewellery wholesaler who had 3300 items! Whatever your requirements I pay the same level of attention and care to each shoot.

product Photography-6958 product Photography-6843 product Photography-6789 product Photography-6749 product Photography-6724 product Photography-6721 product Photography-2154 product Photography-2135 product Photography-2092 product Photography-0155 product Photography-0152 product Photography-0145 product Photography--19 product Photography--18 product Photography--17 product Photography--16 product Photography--15 product Photography--14 product Photography--12 product Photography--13 product Photography--11product Photography-3182product Photography-3304product Photography-3546 product Photography--10 product Photography--9 product Photography--8 product Photography--7 Product Photography--6 Product Photography--5 Product Photography--4 Product Photography--3 Product Photography--2

Product Photography-





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2014 In pictures – A flavour of my portrait photography in Leeds

I met lots of lovely people this year when photographing business and personal portraits all across Leeds and Yorkshire

Portrait Photography--2 Portrait Photography--3 portrait Photography--4 portrait Photography--5 portrait Photography--6 portrait Photography--7 portrait Photography--8 portrait Photography--9 Portrait Photography- Portrait Photography-0943 Portrait Photography-0979 portrait Photography-1349 portrait Photography-1389 portrait Photography-1545 portrait Photography-2007 portrait Photography-2017 portrait Photography-2019 portrait Photography-2036 portrait Photography-2039 portrait Photography-2047 portrait Photography-3777 portrait Photography-3785 portrait Photography-3790 portrait Photography-4008 portrait Photography-4018 portrait Photography-4067 portrait Photography-4082 portrait Photography-4090 portrait Photography-6967 portrait Photography-7964 Portrait Photography-8905 Portrait Photography-8924 Portrait Photography-8934

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